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Explaining the Asian handicap market in football betting

2019-12-06 13:30:00

Most football betting markets are pretty straightforward and easy to understand, even for a beginner to sports betting. Asian handicap betting does, however, seem to require a little further explanation. Well, we've got you covered here at BetRevolution! Read on to find out exactly what Asian handicap betting is all about.

Asian Handicap Betting - Whole Numbers

Asian handicap betting is a form of betting on football that is very popular among sports betting fans in, you guessed it, Asia. This specific handicap betting market grew in popularity in Asia until it was finally named Asian handicap betting.

Probably the best place to start is by explaining the basic premise of Asian handicap betting.

Generally, when betting on the potential result of a football match, there are three basic possible outcomes - a home win, a draw, an away win (1, X, 2). The Asian handicap option removes the possibility of a draw from the outcomes. Almost like the 'Draw no bet' market, the Asian handicap refunds the part of a bet that, when the Asian handicap is taken into account with the final score of the game, the result was a draw.

All sportsbook operators will offer an Asian handicap price which shows who they regard as the favourites in the upcoming fixture. For example, at the time of writing, Liverpool and Everton are preparing to face off against each other in the Merseyside derby at Anfield. Liverpool are first in the Premier League while their near-neighbours are 17th.

On bet365, one of the Asian handicap options for this game read like this:

  • Liverpool -1.0 at a price of 1.6

For the above bet, it means you are backing Liverpool to win by two or more, so even when the Asian handicap of -1.0 is taken away from their final score. If Liverpool win 2-1, it will be a 1-1 draw as far as this bet is concerned because Liverpool's score of 2 less the handicap of -1.0 leaves them with a score of 1, the same as Everton. Therefore, it's a 'draw'. In this instance, you will be refunded your £10 stake - as mentioned earlier the Asian handicap market resembles 'draw no bet' in some ways.

If Liverpool win by two goals or more, say 3-1, for example, then your bet wins, because even with the Asian handicap taken into account (3 - 1.0 = 2, so Liverpool still win 2-1) Liverpool would still win. The win is at a price of 1.6, giving you a return of £16.

If Liverpool fail to beat Everton, either drawing the game or losing, then your bet will have lost.

Basically, for the Liverpool -1.0 Asian handicap bet, a Liverpool win by two or more goals wins the bet. A Liverpool win by one goal means a refund because, with the Asian handicap included, it's a 'draw', so you get your money back. If Liverpool draw or Everton win, the bet loses.

Asian Handicap Betting - Not Whole Numbers

If the Asian handicap market you selected for the Liverpool Vs Everton game was not a whole number, then that removes the possibility of a 'draw' and a refund.

To explain, here are the possible outcomes if the bet was Liverpool -1.5 at a price of 2.0:

  • If Liverpool win by two goals or more, the bet wins because they will have beaten Everton by more than 1.5.
  • If Liverpool win by one goal, the bet loses, because Everton will have 'won' with the Asian handicap included.
  • If Liverpool draw or Everton win, the bet loses.

Note the lack of a refund or money-back outcome in this bet because the Asian handicap is not a whole number so the outcome can not be a 'draw' as there are no 'half-goals' in football.

Asian Handicap Betting - Two Options in Same Bet

Often, on sites like bet365 and others such as Betfred, you can spread your Asian handicap bet over two markets.

On bet365, it's listed with the two markets clearly quoted. For example, you can back Liverpool '-1, -1.5' at a price of 1.9. Betting here means that your stake is divided evenly over both markets. If you stake £10 on Liverpool on the one bet of '-1, -1.5' it will put £5 on -1 and the remaining £5 on -1.5.

Here are the possible outcomes:

  • Liverpool win by two goals or more, both bets win
  • Liverpool win by one goal, the -1.5 bet loses. The -1 bet is a 'draw' and you will be refunded that £5
  • Liverpool draw or lose, both bets lose

Betfred, and plenty of other bookmakers, quote these bets as quarter-goal markets. So, for the above bet, Betfred would call this Liverpool -1.25 (the halfway point between the two markets of -1 and -1.5). The premise is the very same. You are essentially placing half your stake on Liverpool -1 and the other half on Liverpool -1.5 when backing Liverpool -1.25 on Betfred. If the market says Liverpool -1.75, you are staking half your money on Liverpool -1.5 and half on Liverpool -2.

In Summary

That's all we can tell you for now, with relation to Asian handicap betting. Have a look around and familiarise yourself with the various Asian handicap markets on the best sportsbook sites around. Try bet365, Betfred, BetRegal, Unibet or 888sport!

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